Thursday, 6 August 2009

Altoids And Oral Sex

Have you heard the urban legend that claims Altoids, the extra strong mint, can inhance sexual pleasure? No?

Then read on.

In an email circulated somewhere around '96/'97, it was stated as follows:

Altoids In A Whole New Life

This is an absolutely true story-forward it around to friends who might get a kick out of it.

Had the most interesting conversation with the top sales weasel at our company today. She came into my office and noticed I had a box of Altoids on my desk.

(Have you had them? They are these obnoxiously strong peppermints made in England.) As soon as she saw them, she burst into laughter. Turns out she had recently had an affair with a guy who called her and left her an incredibly steamy voice mail message after an encounter. He went on and on about what a blow job goddess she was, how amazing she was, how he'd never be the same, etc. She was kind of puzzled, thinking: what did I do to this guy that was so different from my regular technique?

he finally figured it out: she's a smoker, and before getting intimate with him, she had gone to the bathroom to "freshen up." Not having a toothbrush, she crunched on about four Altoids and then got busy. Apparently things went amazingly.

So she passed this little tidbit on to another female sales weasel, who immediately tried it out on *her* fiance. Apparently this guy has never, ever been into oral sex, but liked the mint sensation so much that he asked her to stop and chew another Altoid mid-blow job. He is now a fellatio gourmand.

This news has been going around our office. Having a box of Altoids on your desk is now like being part of the Secret Blowjob Goddess Society. It's the equivalent of having the hottest car or coolest computer. News spread like crazy among the females, who all went out at lunch to Walgreens to buy a box of Altoids (about $2 for 100 or so), and their partners across the city tonight are getting one hell of a corporate blow job. As far as company-wide morale boosting events, it doesn't get much better.

Some of the men found out, too -- they went out after work to buy them for their wives. They strategized on how to get their wives to eat them.

And people wonder why I work in technology.

(For what it's worth -- it really does work! It leaves a lasting tingle that is apparently quite exquisite.)

Is it true?

Well, it sounds quite plausable... I suppose it would be like rubbing your private parts with a red hot poker before jerking the turkey if it worked. But does it?

Well, there's no real evidence either way. There's people out there who have tried it with varied comments, from 'Oh God...' to 'well at least your breath smells nice after all that.' There are no scientific studies to prove or dismiss the claims, but we at Urban Legends Revealed believe that this is pure folklore, the same kind of story that's passed round the campfire for gullible sponges to go home and try it out only to find that the blow job was, at the end of the day, a blow job, and that a shot in the mouth, at the end of the day, didn't leave their breath smelling too much like salt.

So take it from us...

This is an Urban Legend Revealed!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Buried Alive

Have you heard the story of the man who is interred, later wakes up and the coffin is found with scratch marks on the inside?

Have you ever believed the story?

Well, here's the inside scoop!

In this day and age, it's almost impossible for this to happen. And when I say almost, you can imagine that there have been cases of people being buried alive, waking up during their own autopsies, awakening in the morgue and so on. In fact, there have been several documented cases of this, the last a couple of weeks ago involving a German woman who woke up inside a body bag. The story the next day was probably the deaths of the attendants and several other people... or a zombie outbreak, we're not too sure.

Anyway, in this modern world, it's incredibly rare that someone would be buried alive. But in the 1800's this extraordinary feat happened a lot... so much in fact that the 'safety coffin' was created, usually with a bell above ground and a piece of string inside the coffin that, when pulled, rang the bell, and the closest person with a shovel would come running to dig them up.

If you are ever buried, make sure someone leaves you a chainsaw or buries you in a shallow enough grave so you can get a signal on your cell phone.

So take it from us...

This is an Urban Legend Revealed!

The Body Under The Hotel Mattress

There is an urban legend about a vacationing couple who found that their hotel room had an unusual and unpleasant smell. Searching the room, the couple found that someone had shoved a dead body between the mattress and the base of the bed.

Creepy, huh?

Well, be pleased to know, this urban legend happens to be true!

There is quite a bit of documented evidence to prove this urban legend is true, and when you think about it, it doesn't seem that stupid or illogical. I mean, hotel rooms are the perfect place for natural deaths, or murders. Some maniacs have to stay there, and shoving a dead prostitute under the mattress doesn't seem too inconceivable.

There have been documented cases of this happening in Las Vegas, New Jersey and Kansas City among others. In fact, it happens quite often in America.

Next time you check into a hotel... check under the bed!

So take it from us...

This is an Urban Legend Revealed!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a woman of folklore, a monstrous person who kills anyone who calls her. It's one of the most popular urban legends in existance, but is it true?

Bloody Mary is the name of a woman who, it is claimed, appears if you say her name three times in a mirror. Other variations include turning the taps on in the bathroom, saying her name thirteen times over a lighted candle, and rubbing your eyes or spinning around.

No one knows who Bloody Mary refers to, but it could hark back to Queen Mary I, who was nicknamed 'Bloody Mary', whose entire life was marred by repeated miscarriages and false pregnancies. Some have said that the miscarriages were deliberately induced so that she wouldn't bear an heir to the throne.

It is said that once Bloody Mary is summoned, the caller will be killed in a gruesome manner, including having their face torn off, their eyes scratched out, or being pulled into the mirror. Other variations have said that she will allow you to speak to a dead person for a minute, and others yet have claimed that if you look at her image in the mirror, she will show you your fortune.

So far, there have been no factual events to bear the legend out, so this story remains false.

It's a bloody good tale though!

So take it from us...

This is an Urban Legend Revealed!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Curse of Poltergeist

Most people will have heard the urban legend surrounding the Poltergeist movies. According to the curse, six members of the cast died during the making of the movies and several other strange things occured.

A lot of horror movies which deal with religion have claimed to be cursed, including The Omen and The Exorcist, but the Poltergeist curse is probably the most well known urban legend among them.

But is it true?

Well, there is no actual proof of a curse, but six actors did die during the making, and strange things certainly did happen. The following actors/actresses died during the making of the movies:

Heather O'Rourke - she died after being admitted to hospital with the flu, which changed to septic shock. She died soon after, an obstruction of the bowel later acknowledged as the possible cause of death.

Dominique Dunne - this 22-year-old actress was strangeld to death by her boyfriend, who later served three and a half years for the murder after claiming voices in his head told him to do it.

Louis Perryman - Lou was stabbed to death with an axe by a man who wanted to steal his car in order to evade police on an unrelated charge.

Julian Beck - the 60-year-old actor died in 1988 from stomach cancer which was diagnosed before filming started.

Beatrice Straight - the actress died from pneumonia in 2001.

Will Sampson - the actor died at the age of 52 due to post-operative kidney failure and pre-operative malnutrition.

So while the urban legend is true, proof of a curse doesn't exist and we can safely say that these were six tragedies that occured over a 20 year period.

So take it from us...

This is an Urban Legend Revealed

Don't Flash Your Headlights

This is one of the most common urban legends, and has been going around for quite some time. Every town in America has had this tale in circulation at one time or another.

One such example of this is an e-mail collected around 2005:

Subject: FW: Read & Heed

A police officer who works with the DARE Program has asked that this warning be passed on to anyone who drives: If you are driving after dark and see an oncoming car with NO headlights on -- DO NOT flash y our lights at them!!! This is a new GANG MEMBER INITIATION game!

The new member drives along with no headlights and the first car to flash their headlights at them is the "TARGET". The new member is required to chase the car and do whatever is required by the gang to complete the initiation requirements...


But is it true?

Gang initiations are very real, and crime is the major element, whether it's breaking into somewhere or assaulting a police officer (which happens quite frequently in initiation cases). The stories surrounding this particular urban legend started in the 1980's after it was claimed that Hell's Angels used this method of gang initiation. Since then, it's taken a life of its own and is now the stories usually involve black or hispanic gang members chasing down cars and shooting the occupants inside dead.

Is it true?

Fortunately, it's not. It's a bogus story which probably started off as a 'good intentions gone bad' fable, and quickly made its way across the world. So even though it's not true, I know lots of people still won't flash their headlights... just in case...

So take it from us...

This is an Urban Legend Revealed.

Friday, 31 July 2009

The Necrophiliac's Gift

As far as urban legends go, this has to be among the worst. The story has been circulating for a considerable number of years, and each time, it's slightly different and distorted. These stories have come from several countries around the world, but the protaganist is usually the same young woman, recently broken up from her sweetheart.

One such story appeared around 1998:

The Bad Date

Boy breaks up with girl, who in her despair picks up a man at a bar, comes home with him, and has casual, unprotected sex. After some days, she experiences bad itch in her crotch. The girl goes to a medical doctor, which upon examining her looks very serious and concerned, says nothing, but gives her an appointment with a specialist. Girl off to specialist. He/she examines the girl, turns very grave, makes some notes, and tells her that she will have the results of the test in a week.

The bewildered girl goes home. The next week, the police turns up on her doorstep to question her. When she ask why, they explain that the police is routinely contacted by doctors in every case of corpse-worm.

Gross fabrication? Or even more disgusting - is it genuine?

Well, it's not completely impossible. The feature of maggot infestations in the genitals is classed as a myiasis of the vagina. There have been some recorded cases of this, but they are incredibly rare.

We can safely say that this urban legend is a horror story warning people about the risks of unprotected sex. You may get the clap or HIV from these one-night-stands, but you're almost certainly not going to wake up with maggots.

So take it from us...

This is an Urban Legend Revealed!

The Urinating Beetle Boy

Have you heard of the boy who can urinate black winged beetles? Yes? No? Well, come closer and listen carefully.

The story broke on June 17th 2003 and claimed that 13-year-old Chandan Goswami of Bengal, India had begun "producing winged beetles in his urine after hatching the eggs in his body."

Apparently, the insects began hatching from a fistula in his groin. The story received world-wide coverage, with the teenager becoming internationally known as 'The Beetle Boy.'

True story or hoax?

In this case, the story is true.

The information at the time came directly from the state's medical education director, Dr. Chittaranjan Maity. Medical records also prove that the story is true, although completely horrific.

So, take it from us...

This is an Urban Legend Revealed!

Emma Watson Death Hoax

Yes, Emma Watson is dead... apparantly. I'm not sure what she would say if she read the story that has spread round Twitter over the last couple of days. People seem to believe the story of the Harry Potter actress, and it's become an overnight Urban Legend.

Following is the story that has circulated the last couple of days:

Emma Watson Involved in Fatal Car Accident

Los Angeles, CA - Millions are in shock after Emma Watson died overnight in a car crash. The 19 year-old actress, most famous for her roles in the Harry Potter films, was killed while being driven back to hotel after a screening of her latest movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, when a car collided with her vehicle. Watson is reported to have died at the scene. Her relatives have so far refused to comment, only quoting that they are 'too distraught' to speak with the media.

Police are questioning witnesses about two men who reportedly fled the scene following the crash. The two men are said to be in their early twenties, one caucasian and the other hispanic. Anyone with information is urged to contact the authorities immediately.

Once again, it's a generic celebrity death story designed to get people talking. Just to be clear - Emma Watson is not dead. She's quite beautiful, really.

We think this is an adware attack, so DO NOT click the links attatched to the posts!

So take it from us...

This is an Urban Legend Revealed!