Friday, 31 July 2009

The Necrophiliac's Gift

As far as urban legends go, this has to be among the worst. The story has been circulating for a considerable number of years, and each time, it's slightly different and distorted. These stories have come from several countries around the world, but the protaganist is usually the same young woman, recently broken up from her sweetheart.

One such story appeared around 1998:

The Bad Date

Boy breaks up with girl, who in her despair picks up a man at a bar, comes home with him, and has casual, unprotected sex. After some days, she experiences bad itch in her crotch. The girl goes to a medical doctor, which upon examining her looks very serious and concerned, says nothing, but gives her an appointment with a specialist. Girl off to specialist. He/she examines the girl, turns very grave, makes some notes, and tells her that she will have the results of the test in a week.

The bewildered girl goes home. The next week, the police turns up on her doorstep to question her. When she ask why, they explain that the police is routinely contacted by doctors in every case of corpse-worm.

Gross fabrication? Or even more disgusting - is it genuine?

Well, it's not completely impossible. The feature of maggot infestations in the genitals is classed as a myiasis of the vagina. There have been some recorded cases of this, but they are incredibly rare.

We can safely say that this urban legend is a horror story warning people about the risks of unprotected sex. You may get the clap or HIV from these one-night-stands, but you're almost certainly not going to wake up with maggots.

So take it from us...

This is an Urban Legend Revealed!

The Urinating Beetle Boy

Have you heard of the boy who can urinate black winged beetles? Yes? No? Well, come closer and listen carefully.

The story broke on June 17th 2003 and claimed that 13-year-old Chandan Goswami of Bengal, India had begun "producing winged beetles in his urine after hatching the eggs in his body."

Apparently, the insects began hatching from a fistula in his groin. The story received world-wide coverage, with the teenager becoming internationally known as 'The Beetle Boy.'

True story or hoax?

In this case, the story is true.

The information at the time came directly from the state's medical education director, Dr. Chittaranjan Maity. Medical records also prove that the story is true, although completely horrific.

So, take it from us...

This is an Urban Legend Revealed!

Emma Watson Death Hoax

Yes, Emma Watson is dead... apparantly. I'm not sure what she would say if she read the story that has spread round Twitter over the last couple of days. People seem to believe the story of the Harry Potter actress, and it's become an overnight Urban Legend.

Following is the story that has circulated the last couple of days:

Emma Watson Involved in Fatal Car Accident

Los Angeles, CA - Millions are in shock after Emma Watson died overnight in a car crash. The 19 year-old actress, most famous for her roles in the Harry Potter films, was killed while being driven back to hotel after a screening of her latest movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, when a car collided with her vehicle. Watson is reported to have died at the scene. Her relatives have so far refused to comment, only quoting that they are 'too distraught' to speak with the media.

Police are questioning witnesses about two men who reportedly fled the scene following the crash. The two men are said to be in their early twenties, one caucasian and the other hispanic. Anyone with information is urged to contact the authorities immediately.

Once again, it's a generic celebrity death story designed to get people talking. Just to be clear - Emma Watson is not dead. She's quite beautiful, really.

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So take it from us...

This is an Urban Legend Revealed!